The Stillness of the Wind

Nintendo Switch/PC/iOS |  February 2019

•  Writer/Editor on this reflective narrative game developed by Lambic Studios (Memory of God) and published by Fellow Traveller, from May to July 2018.
•  Edited all narrative content, incl. letters, dialogue, and prose texts, to polish plot structure, style and clarity, and the distinction between characters' voices.
•  Revised and refined emotional and thematic threads in the epistolary texts, working closely with the lead on honing narrative delivery and impact.
•  Supported localisation efforts through preparing detailed notes preempting questions about the text, and tracking and responding to queries from the loc team.

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Press Coverage

"This is a game that’s less about doing and more about feeling. It’s about the mundanity of powerlessness, loss and endings, but also about how these things have their own private joys."
~ Colin Campbell, Polygon

"The Stillness of Wind is a testament to what great designers can achieve with very little. The scope of this game is tiny, with nothing more than a single location and handful of simple interactions."
~ Jess Joho, Mashable