Interactive Fiction/Twine, Fantasy

Regal Arbor - Prologue

Maranym, the detached heiress of a disgraced family line, returns to her hometown after a long time away.

* * *

Originally written as the prologue chapter of the game project Regal Arbor, this is a Twine story converted from a game script. It's intended to approximate the story's in-game form without visuals.

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Short Story, Fantasy

Ten Minutes In A Tavern

An aging warrior, an inhuman barkeep, a priest. In the shadiest parts of town, every day calls for blood.

Short Story, Horror


A quiet village of vicious murders torments a sleepless widower.

Screenplay (short film), Drama

Go Back

A boy's bike means the world to him, but his best friend has to take it away. It was the key.

Screenplay (short film), Drama

The Exile

A terrible sandstorm has left a young boy stranded and hungry inside an ancient shack. Beneath the floorboards, he hides a growing secret.

* * *

This piece contains no dialogue, having started out as an exercise in storytelling without speech.