The Stillness of the Wind

Coyan Cardenas
Director, Lambic Studios Ltd.

"Harald was brought onto the project quite late in the development phase when deadlines were very tight. Even so, Harald grasped the existing concept, context and constraints of the project quickly, and I was very impressed with the quality and refinement of the writing produced in such a short time. Harald was enthusiastic, always looking for creative opportunities to reinforce and enhance the main concepts, and constantly evaluating his work within the context of the project as a whole, which was constantly shifting. He also went above and beyond when dealing with the localisation, providing detailed contextual information for translators and answering queries with clarity ensuring a high-quality localisation. And of course he was always present, timely and professional.

"All in all a joy to work with and I'm excited to work with him again!"

MarZ Rising

Marc Egli
Co-Founder/Development Lead, doorfortyfour

"It was a blast to work with Harald.

"At the beginning we just had a raw concept, but Harald shaped that concept into a full blown story and has brought our characters to life. He has come up with so many ideas and was always open-minded to our suggestions, so that we even developed new story-relevant gameplay elements together.

"We would work with Harald again at any time. Thank you!"

Tempest Citadel

Simon F.C. De Rivaz
Lead Developer, Aartform Games

"I hired Harald to turn a binder of sci-fi ideas into a coherent backstory and a set of story arcs for Tempest Citadel. He designed striking and memorable factions and characters, woven into a 10-hour campaign full of twists and conflict. He worked in some great character interactions despite restrictive game requirements, such as having only one character speaking in each scene. It went so well that I extended the project to include a large body of found texts exploring the history of the factions — in total, several tens of thousands of words of excellent quality.

"Harald was always clear, precise, and reliable in his workflow and timeframes. Overall, highly recommended."

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