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Tempest Citadel

PC  |  April 2018

•  Lead Writer on Aartform Games' science-fantasy team-management strategy game, from August 2015 to September 2016.
•  Developed the game's fictional history, player and enemy factions, and the main storyline, composed of faction-centered arcs driven by clashing ideologies.
•  Aligned major story beats to the player's skill progression, weaving gameplay growth with narrative victories.
•  Wrote mission monologues and optional lore texts which both inform the context of the level and colour the larger world and characters.

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Press Coverage

"Tempest Citadel is a charming, story-driven title that channels some of the best elements of non-starship based Sci-Fi. With great writing and characters, a depth of customization and plenty of game mechanics in spite of being hands-off with combat [...] come together to form one of the best gaming experiences of [2018] so far."
~ GameWatcher

"While very hard to summarise Aartform Games’ science-fiction creation, Tempest Citadel is more than the sum of its parts. The writing is great, and the day-to-day colonial management is packaged with enough lore and character that breakthroughs and progression feels grander than mere stat increases. The brief combat might not stick in your head, but there’s a fair chance the narrative will.
If Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri was a Fighting Fantasy novel, it would look very much like Tempest Citadel."
~ Stately Play