This page lists the projects I've worked on which haven't been announced and/or remain in early development.


Unannounced Sci-fi RPG

TBD  |  Status: ongoing development
New Archon Industries

• An epic science-fiction RPG being developed by New Archon Industries.

•  As Lead Writer and Narrative Designer, I was responsible for:
(i) writing faction backgrounds (detailing history, culture, and motivations) and the methods of their delivery in the game,
(ii) all narrative arcs,
(iii) character names and descriptions, and
(iv) setting/POI names and descriptions.

May 2017 — July 2018
(to continue at a later date)


Labyrinth of Orius (WT)

Mobile  |  Status: ongoing development
A. Taylor (solo indie developer)

•  Labyrinth of Orius (working title) is a fantasy mobile dungeon crawler with 8 playable characters whose lives crossed and connected in ways unknown to them, and who now stand trapped in an infested labyrinth full of monsters.

•  As Writer, I conceived of the lore defining the game world's regions, across which the 8 playable characters are spread, to ground different schools of combat (i.e. styles of gameplay) with interesting histories.
•  I also wrote the backgrounds and backstories of the characters in extended character sheets, which also detailed references for the art team to use in character design.
•  Lastly I folded the interconnected lore and backstories together and composed as their method of delivery 250-word prose fragments, grouped into sets of 5 for each of the 8 characters, which reveal the secret of their connection when read together.

December 2016 — April 2017

REGAL ARBOR | Diffusive Games

Regal Arbor

PC  |  Status: paused
Diffusive Games

•  Regal Arbor is a story-driven Action-RPG for PC marked by introspective narrative and a pixel-based art style. It follows the story of Maranym, the last known member of a disgraced dynasty in an archipelago of wildlands suspended on the branches of a massive and mysterious tree, as she comes to terms with the end of her family and faces the world outside her own, with the help of an amnesiac ally.

•  As Lead Writer, I co-developed the game's lore and characters with the creative lead and wrote/maintained the extensive story bible.
•  I also was responsible for constructing the game's modular core storylines in tandem with existing characters, levels, and evolving gameplay systems.
•  The game's story development progressed as far as detailed outlines in the story bible, and a script for the game's prologue (which I since converted into a Twine story), as well as a few short stories written for community news updates.

September 2013 — April 2015 (periodic)